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Pools from GolfNow Compete: FAQs

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Pools is a prediction game where there are ‘Leagues’ – usually a number of sporting fixtures – in which you pick the selections/ outcomes you think will win. You get a point for each correct prediction and the player with the highest number of points is the winner. Simple! Each player pays an entry fee to participate in the League and all entry fees go in to the prize pot* which, usually, offers prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

In order to join a pool (league) you will need to register an account and make a deposit (minimum £5). A commission is deducted from the total prize pot prior to winnings being distributed, total commission deducted is shown at the start of each pool (league).

How do I join a pool (league)?

  • Find a pool (league) and make your predictions on the fixtures within that pool (league)
  • Some pools (leagues) have the option to make more than one entry, this is clearly stated on the league card
  • For every correct selection you make you gain one point
  • You can change your selection(s) any time prior to the start of the first event
  • The cash pot is the accumulation of all league entrants fees
  • The winner(s) is the one with the most points
  • The cash pot is divided as specified to the winner(s)
  • If you have been invited to a pool (league), click the link or enter the PIN provided and you will be taken to the league card where you can make your selections.

Can I make Multiple Entries?

Some pools (leagues) now allow more than one entry, which will be shown when you click to enter that league. The maximum number of entries allowed will be indicated above the selections. Once you have made your first entry, the ‘Add an Entry’ button will allow you to make a further entry. You will be allowed to continue to do this until the maximum number of entries for that league is reached. Your entries are displayed under the ‘Entries’ heading on the league entry screen and you can view each one by clicking on the buttons labelled ‘1’, ‘2’ etc.

What Happens Next?

Depending on the fixtures within a pool (league), some leagues will last for a day or two while others may go on for weeks. Either way, be sure to do the following: Check your progress – The league table will be updated automatically as each result ends. Chat with your rivals – Friendly banter is not optional and each league has a designated chat area to make sure no one escapes mediocre performance!

What if I Win?

All winnings are automatically credited to your Who Knows Wins wallet. So what are you waiting for? Game on!

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