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Introducing Pools from GolfNow Compete

What is Pools from GolfNow Compete?

Pools is a brand-new feature of the GolfNow Compete app that allows you to place bets on pro golf tournaments for the chance to win cash prizes. Put your golf knowledge to the test by selecting Pools within the app and joining one of our betting pools, based on the most exciting events in professional golf. Once you’ve deposited funds you can join a pool, make player selections, invite your friends to join and collect winnings within the app – all powered by our partners, Who Knows Wins. For each event, you’ll choose a winner from matchups provided by Who Knows Wins and track your standings against the rest of the pool.

Who Knows Wins

Who Knows Wins is the social sports game where mates, family and colleagues pit their wits for real money… and bragging rights. Make your predictions on the outcomes of your chosen fixtures. For every result you guess correctly, you get a point in your league (pool). At the end of the competition, whoever’s got the most points wins – and proves they’re top dog.

Find out more about Who Knows Wins via the links at the bottom of this page. 18+

How to take part

  • Download the GolfNow Compete App
  • Select Join a Pool
  • Register for an account with Who Knows Wins
  • Sign in
  • Select a Pool (League)
  • Deposit funds (minimum £5)
  • Make your selections
  • Thursday and Friday rounds as 3-ball, no draws
  • Saturday and Sunday rounds as 2-ball, with W <> D <> W options
  • You can change your selection(s) any time prior to the start of each round
  • The winner(s) is the one with the most points
  • The cash pot is divided as specified to the winner(s)

Rules of the Game

What happens in the event of a tie? What if a player misses the cut? How does it affect my bet if a player doesn’t complete a hole or withdraws from competition? Find the full Who Knows Wins Rules governing all golf Pools (Leagues) here.

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Got more questions? We’ve got answers…

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