Winter golf tips

The colder weather may be setting in across the UK, but that’s no reason to forget about your game.


We have gathered a few tips to help ease the pain of playing in this winter!


Wrap up warm!


It’s easy to forget that extra layer, but donning your best thermals is a sure fire way to keep nice and cosy on the course. Bring a flask of coffee too – don’t forget extra cups for your fourball!




Keep your game sharp with PlayNine. Try a nine-hole course to work on your skills! It is the perfect way to play in between the traditional Saturday 18-holes.


Mental Game


Don’t let your technique dwindle during the winter months – get reading! Taking time away from the course during the colder months and reading up on golf tips, techniques can improve your game!




Try shots you wouldn’t necessarily try in a competitive game in the summer. For example, try playing a round of golf with fewer clubs. This way you must improvise and this can help with your shot and making and decision-making.


Grab your passport


Time for a golf getaway? Enjoy a break in the sun and keep your golf game up to power at the same time!


Keep fit!


Work on your strength and stability. Yoga will keep your muscles working and stretched – perfect for when you fancy a round!

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