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The R&A Rules App – New Features for 2023

With a regular update to the Rules of Golf coming into effect this year, the Official R&A Rules App is a key resource for both regular golfers and more experienced referees.

 To improve the user experience, the App has been revamped to provide more visual aids, diagrams and videos that help to explain the Rules and provide guidance for many common situations.

In our latest blog, Grant Moir, Executive Director – Governance, provides an overview of the updates made for 2023…

We’ve been delighted with the development of the Official R&A Rules App in recent years. The App has enjoyed over one million downloads and contains 17 languages, with a further six in the pipeline. It is now the main way that we are encouraging golfers to access the Rules of Golf.

Having spoken to various types of users for feedback on the previous App, we have now developed  a number of new features to benefit all users.

It’s important to understand that the App isn’t just a digital version of the Rule book – it includes much more information targeted at helping users to understand the basics of the Rules. For example, it now includes nearly 30 diagrams and over 50 how-to videos.

The main features we’ve developed with regular golfers in mind are as follows:

Player’s Rule Finder

This is intended to help regular golfers quickly find a summary of the Rule they need to answer their question and help them learn the basics.

  • This was previously called the Visual Search, but we have renamed it to help people better understand its purpose.
  • While the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is no longer available in print, we have continued to make use of that simpler style of text in the Player’s Rule Finder, so the explanations provided in this section are easy to understand summaries of the Rule the user is looking for.
  • We have also included any relevant diagrams or videos alongside these explanations to help the user with their understanding.

We believe this is a more intuitive approach and allows modern technology to help golfers play by the Rules of Golf in a more sustainable manner.

Learn Tab and ‘Watch Videos’

We have a new ‘Learn’ tab which includes a new and improved Rules Quiz and also includes a new ‘Watch Videos’ section.

  • The ‘Watch Videos’ section includes a new series of animated videos which are intended to help the user understand the most frequently used Rules.
  • This section also means all the videos can be found in one place, while the quiz now allows users to take a six, nine or 18-question quiz and also provides feedback after each question.

The Player’s Rule Finder and the Learn tab are the features we hope the majority of golfers will use the most.

Other Features

With more advanced users in mind, we’ve introduced an Advanced Mode. When this mode is selected, a user who is looking at a Rule will be able to switch more easily to the clarifications for that Rule. These users will also be served up the ‘Advanced’ quiz questions.

For all users, we’ve introduced a Rules News section where Rules of Golf articles and blogs will be made available on a regular basis. Users can also turn on push notifications so they never miss a new article or update. The App also includes easy linking to a Handicap Calculator and other relevant information on our website such as the Rules Academy, Handicapping & Equipment Rules and more.

We hope golfers of all abilities and referees continue to enjoy the Rules App and the new features that it offers.

Download the Official R&A Rules App here.

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