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What are GOLFNOW Hot Deals?

Hot Deals provide a discount of up to 50% on a tee time when compared to the regular course price. They can be identified with an orange flame next to the price. Hot Deals tee times are owned by GOLFNOW and are prepaid online – so you can book and play your round while maintaining social distancing.


Hot DealsHow do I find Hot Deals?


Hot Deals can be found on our website by clicking on the Hot Deals reference on our homepage. Once clicked, you can filter Hot Deals tee times by location and date.


Hot DealsAren’t they just cheap rounds at unpopular times?


In short, no. GOLFNOW arrange the Hot Deals tee times with partner golf clubs that suit all three parties, i.e. GOLFNOW, the golf club and most importantly, the golfers. This ensures that we can offer our customers the best value for their money! The golf courses available aren’t too shabby either with some of the most beautiful golf clubs in the UK & Ireland available to purchase through Hot Deals such as Carton House Golf Club, Lough Erne Golf Resort,  Charleton Golf Club and many more. Click here to start searching for yourself.

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Hot DealsDo promo codes work on Hot Deals?


Every promo code issued by GOLFNOW will work on a Hot Deals tee time. The savings with Hot Deals are endless! Just remember our new customer promo code WELCOME when you make your first booking online, or GETSTARTED if you book via the app and you’ll save an additional 10%.


Hot DealsI can’t see any Hot Deals next month, why?


Hot Deals are generally viewable 30 days in advance. This allows GOLFNOW and the golf club to ensure the tee times are suitable for golfers. We also don’t experience many golfers organising a game that far in advance (we know it’s hard to get your group to commit sometimes). If you’d like to book a tee time outside of this window, we’d suggest setting a reminder on your phone calendar and booking once the window opens.

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